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May have "cheap" in the name, but not at all "cheap" with quality of service!

I say it time and time again that these guys should change their name because having "cheap" in their name truly doesn't reflect the quality of services they provide. Inexpensive, yes, but not "cheap"! I've been with Server Cheap for going on two years now, and during that time their support has been wonderful, uptime is generally 100% every single month, and overall server performance is great. One time there was a couple hour outage in a morning, but their support was very transparent and open with me about what had happened, and had it fixed as quick as they could. In contrast, I like to try out lots of low cost VPS providers when I need a server for various personal projects. Having tried many, many other providers in this price range, I can say that Server Cheap remains the ONLY one who I continue to renew my services with because of their outstanding uptime and server quality. Most others in this price range struggle to keep uptime in the 90% range at all, and have some of the worst support you'll ever deal with. Kudos to the folks at Server Cheap. Please continue to do what you're doing and keep your customers top of mind when providing quality support and services. When the time permits, I will happily buy more from you.

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Excellent – no reservations! I would recommend ServerCheap to anyone. For the same price you, you get double the performance compared to their competitors.

Giovanni Della Cagna
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Reliable, fast servers, and helpful service

I futzed around for a couple of years with cheapo hosting companies (both VPS and KVM). Everything was usually good for a couple of months but then the server would get overloaded, response time would be terrible, and I'd spend days complaining. Switched to ServerCheap about 18 months ago. They weren't much more expensive but it was a whole different experience. Rarely experience downtime, and usually only for a minute or two. Server is snappier than any of my previous companies and has remained consistently so. Have only had to contact customer service once and they got right back to me. Don't mess around like I did.

Sheldon Furst
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I have been using Servercheap for years…

I have been using Servercheap for years and have yet to experience a problem. The uptime has been 100% as far as I can remember and there aren't any issues with the performance of their KVM servers. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cameron Clough
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Nearly one year very strong! A+ Hosting!

Been with ServerCheap.NET for nearly a year now, Best low price VPS I've found yet. Support has been great and I've had no downtime sept for hardware updates awhile back. Originally I was only needing a VPS for a few months, I'm so happy I found ServerCheap.NET

Colby Richmond
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ServerCheap.NET is trustworthy

With ServerCheap.NET for almost 1 year, the machine performance is stable, almost no stop, price concessions 用 ServerCheap.NET 快1年了,机器性能稳定,几乎没有停过,价格优惠

liu yun
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Amazing service at incredibly low cost

I´m using for almost 2 years now. No complains at all, and I´m not interested in moving away. Their service is amazing and support is great too. Hoping they continue improving their services in the future as they have done so far.

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Great service, especially for this low price. delievers on what they promise for an unbeatable price. I've had a few VPNs so far and since I don't use them for business, I'm not too picky on uptime or quick support. Despite that, I have yet to experience downtime in the 12 months I've been a customer and each ticket I've sent so far was answered almost instantly! I haven't filed many tickets so far, but they sure beat many of the more expensive services. The offered bandwidth and resources are generous for this price and I would definitely recommend you give them your business.

Jonas M.
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ServerCheap SuperCheap

I have been using for quite a year now. They really go with there domain tag. Super cheap VPS. On top of that you get 20% discount. Unmetered bandwidth, IPv6 Supported and SSD drives for better IO. Quickly launch VPS with no delay. Remote Console over SSL. ISO OS installers supported and there comes your freedom. I use for all my RnD and Pre-Prod tuning.

Sagar Barai
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Used for an instance of OpenSim, now using it for setting up a secure billing system, very happy

I was working on a small project to setup and test an instance of OpenSim for a small minigrid, online virtual community. A virtual community where people could log in and go to a live music event, it worked great even on one of their VPS services. I then started on a new project for a billing system for a small stream hosting service, it's secure, it's online 24/7 very happy. The cost of a VPS is very cheap, I wasn't sure at first but as I found the deal on LowEndBox, I had some trust it would work as described. These folks know what they are doing, I can speak about their other services but what they provided me with works perfectly for my needs. provide a great service at a very nice price. I haven't really needed support yet, but any time I contacted them they were quick to reply and their knowelege base is fairly deep, some good learning info there as well. I appreciate your great service and hope to send a few customers your way. I got a special offer for 4.50 usd per month, how could I go wrong. EB Special - 4 CPU Cores + 4GB Ram + 50GB SSD Disk + Unmetered Bandwidth.

Eoin M
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