Alma Linux now available

Servercheap Alma Linux

Today 4/1/2021 we are happy to announce the addition of AlmaLinux to our automated 1-Click os installer.

AlmaLinux OS is a new RHEL fork from the team at CloudLinux. A free Linux OS for the community, developed in close co-operation with the community.

Happy Hosting !

Servercheap received a new direct IP allocation from ARIN.

Today We are happy to announce that on 3/13/2021 Servercheap got approved for another /22 of ipv4 direct ip allocation from ARIN.

This will allow us to continue expanding into different locations and fuel our growth.

Happy Hosting !

Introducing Server Backups


Today We are happy to introduce a new feature - Paid Weekly Server Backups.

With our server backups you can have a peace of mind that your files are safe in case of data loss. 

Find out all there is to know about server backups here.

For any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Happy Hosting !

Introducing 1-Click Apps


Based on popular demand, our apps library currently contains the most installed applications on our servers.

Today We are happy to introduce a new feature - 1 Click Apps.

Your server will be provisioned within minutes with the application of your choice without you having to install anything!