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Most recent server upgrade prices are listed on Servercheap's website.

To request a server upgrade, please open a ticket on our helpdesk

Server upgrades depend on Servercheap's available resources and from time to time Servercheap might not be able to upgrade your server due to low or lack of resource availability.


Important information about upgrading your server.


When upgrading KVM servers, a server reboot is required. This can be performed by Servercheap's technical support or by you, whichever you chose. You can upgrade your server to a higher plan offered on our website or upgrade individual resources such as RAM, CPU and Disk space.

When upgrading DISK space on KVM server, the additional space will be added in a form of ANOTHER DISK regardless of whether you are upgrading to a higher plan or individually upgrading the disk space only.  Before it can be used, the additional disk will have to be formatted and mounted. If user is unsure on how to do that, our staff can help.


If your disk is currently 30GB and you would like to upgrade it to 50GB, the extra 20GB will be added as another disk. If you wish to have one 50GB disk, a server reinstall will be required, which will lead to permanent data loss.


All OpenVZ 7 servers receive seamless/online upgrades. There is no downtime when upgrading an OpenVZ 7 vps.


cPanel/WHM licenses:

cPanel/WHM licenses  can be added to or removed from any server at any time. Please note there will be no pro-rated refund for removing software licenses early.


Additional ipv4 & ipv6 addresses:

Additional ips can be added to or removed from any server at any time. Please note there will be no pro-rated refund for removing ips early.

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