We Host Blazing Fast SSD & NVME Virtual Servers
Designed For Serious Developers.
Our platform was built on top of 100% SSD & NVME storage, Dual Xeon E5 CPU and multi-gige connectivity. We offer everything a 21st century developer needs - IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, Linux, BSD and Windows templates and ISOs and UNmetered network. All of this comes with Instant provisioning and Lowest prices on the market.


startup vps

$2.99 / month
1 CPU Core
25GB SSD disk
Unmetered bandwidth


professional vps

$4.50 / month
2 CPU Cores
30GB SSD disk
Unmetered bandwidth

Hyperfast NVME VPS

for serious webmasters

$6.50 / month / new
2 CPU Cores
25GB NVME disk
Unmetered bandwidth

Few things that separate us from the rest.

Enterprise Hardware

All our server are equipped with enterprise server grade hardware for maximum performance and stability. Intel E5 processors and 100% SSD & NVME drives in RAID configuration will push your server to their limits.

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Unmetered Bandwidth

All of our servers come with unmetered bandwidth. This to you means no more overage charges, no downtime due to server suspension because you have exceeded your allocated quota, less hassle and of course more happy customers.

Explore our SSD and NVME plans

Deploy Instantly

Your virtual servers are guaranteed to be online in 3 minutes or less. This allows you to start your work immediately unlike other providers where you have to wait hours or even days for your server

Explore our SSD and NVME plans

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Why people love Servercheap.NET

"Hands down the best price vs specs. Performance has been 10 out of 10. Reliability has been 100%. I wasted so much time switching from host to host because of non-stop issues, now that I have found Servercheap.NET, I can actually have a good night sleep knowing my websites would be up. "

"I am blessed with having found ServerCheap.NET - the best Web Hosting company ever. Great service, great hosting, and the staff are amazing. Everyone I refer to them loves them as much as I do. Much thanks again for offering such a good deal on hosting services. I look forward to a continued long business relationship with your company."

Joshua Johnson

"Best performance and uptime I've had from a vps provider so far. 100% Uptime for the last 3 months, never had to open a ticket. Service simply works! These guys."

"Swithcing to Servercheap was a good decision. We have received about 50% increase in performance with the same specs compared to our previous provider. Servercheap make us look big."

Maria Douglas

"ServerCheap is a really impressive, professional VPS Company with the best prices that we have come across for VPS. We love the simplicity and speed of their offering, and can’t wait to see where they go in the future."