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Servercheap IaaS is currently hosting thousands of wordpress websites

Whatever you want to create, share, or sell, wordpress helps you do it right here.

WordPress supports both themes and plugins - many of which are provided for free by the WordPress service and its user community. The software makes it simple to add new themes and switch between them. Web developers can also create their own designs and plugins for WordPress.

What can you do with Wordpress

Build a fan base - Promote your products, use advanced statistics and SEO tools, and connect with built-in audiences on social media to grow your business.

Open a store - Process payments, configure taxes and shipping, build a marketing plan—you make the widgets, we’ll make the website.

Start a blog - Everyone has a point of view. Make your mark online with the world’s greatest blogging tool, and join a community millions strong that’s waiting to hear what you have to say.

Design a portfolio - Thousands of themes means there’s a layout that’s just right for you, while storage and design options ensure you can upload anything you need to and give your work the stage it deserves.

Why is Servercheap's vps the best option to host your Wordpress site

Unmetered bandwidth  Pure SSD storage  Lowest prices  99.9% uptime 

Tutorial: Quick Wordpress install on Servercheap Centos 7 VPS

you can settle with regular wordpress hosting

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> 1 CPU Core; 1GB Ram; 15GB Disk; Unmetered network; $1.67/mo

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