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Cloud servers is all we do. Servercheap makes vps hosting easy. You get performance that exceeds your expectations at prices you'll love. Deploy any server in a minute. Get blazing fast SSD storage and Unmetered bandwidh with all plans. Build more and spend less.

Cloud servers for every size and budget.

Choose from a number of preinstalled systems and applications to start your project in seconds, or install your own ISO to unlock infinite possibilities.

1GB RAM Standard VPS


Burstable performance for less

Awesome vps with burstable portion of CPU along with a pure SSD storage and Unmetered network.

Designed for

Applications such as web servers, blogs, discussion forums, CMS, databases, dev servers, microservices, repository hosting, and much, much more.

16GB RAM Hybrid Server


Resource-Optimized for less

Awesome hybrid servers come with 100% dedicated CPU, massive amounts of memory and pure SSD storage.

Designed for

Resource intensive applications like high-performance hosting, in-memory caches, real-time big data processing, business hosting and much more.